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Actions for Chairman Gonzalo from Swiss Maoists

Swiss Communists quickly responded to the MKP’s call to the International Communist Movement from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, and greet them both with their written responses and their actions.

The continuation of these actions by MLMs from the Swiss Communist Party/Red Fraktion is expected from other World Communist Parties and Groups. According to the information received by our newspaper Devrimci Dağıtım, Ecuadorian MLMs, known as PCR/SR within UKH, have acted sensitively by making a parallel call to this call. Calls to defend President Gonzalo’s life and content of greeting the MKP in German, Kurdish and Turkish are seen in the articles.

The news, including the developments and correspondences that constituted the subject of these calls, were published in Turkey and Kurdistan, in our newspaper Revolutionary Democracy, Switzerland’s RedFlag, India‘ Bannedthougt, Germany’s DemVolkeDienen, Turkey’s YeniDemokrasi, and the International Magazine Communist International.

The issue in question is Abimael Guzman Reynoso, known as President Gonzalo, the leader of the Peruvian Revolution and the Peruvian Communist party, who has been forced to live in prison conditions for the longest time among political prisoners.

The Peruvian fascist State had been keeping the Peruvian MLM leader in a solitary cell for 30 years under severe isolation conditions, violating all humane rules and fundamental rights, and keeping him away from the necessary conditions and treatment for his health, and was doing psychological and physiological torture.

Under these conditions, Pedro Castillo, as the President of Peru, on behalf of the new administration of Peru, who hastily hospitalized President Gonzalo, who was ill, despite his protest and resistance, in order not to bear the political responsibility that would occur in his cell in case of his death. bears responsibility for violations of human rights and unlawfulness.

MLMs, who have always been sensitive to defend their reactions to these developments in the world, to defend the life of President Gonzalo, the Leader of the Peruvian Revolution, are calling for an international campaign for the life of President Gonzalo today, as was the active campaign within ICAD yesterday, to protect the life and freedom of President Gonzalo. They want to gain the conditions to realize the most appropriate treatment.

We greet the actions of Swiss MLMs as the first cores of an international campaign.


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