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MLM Leader… Commander Baba Erdogan’s Memory Illuminates the Path of Our Struggle!

Serdar Okan

It’s a river that flows…

“… When asked what were the political developments that made Baba Erdogan so great and so symbolic in the ranks of the proletarian.


Although the oppressed minority belongs to the milleye and faith, it is not the case that it handles every struggle from a class perspective…

Initiative in will and actions…

Spreading love and respect to the underdog front…

Tolerant of his comrades and comrades in the trenches, as well as ruthless towards the enemy…

Class opposition to imprisonment in dungeons under all circumstances…

Planned and fast style in actions…

To implement the party line and discipline in the people’s world…

He has gained the respect and love of all segments in the class struggles, fields and organizations in which he has fought all his life.

Baba Erdogan organized every field as a class war in the disciplined and proceive struggle within the Party and had a staff that embodied the theory and practical harmony of the People’s War, which has not yet come to light with its stable and decisive stance. Every development and contradiction is symbolized by the effort to create new positions and spaces from „masses to masses“.

Guardhouse raids in … The Kandıra Türkisch Army raid… We can note that he is a Communist leader who made his first landing in the Black Sea at the head of the guerrilla war and guerrilla unit that formed the carotid artery of the liberation of the peoples of the country.

Baba Erdogan is an indomitable leader of the strategy of popular war. Baba Erdogan is the revolutionary communist leader who has written his name in capital letters in the history of our country’s revolution and armed struggle.

Master of peasant guerrilla warfare in the countryside, he is the commander of the armed propagandist who shook the dead ashes of the Pacification that covered the masses in the cities.

Childhood years:

Baba Erdogan was born on January 2, 1960 in Sırtkan, a mountain village in the Hozat district of Dersim, according to population records. He was the 6th of 8 children of a poor Dersim family. His childhood years were spent listening to the memories of the 1937/38 genocide and the subsequent massacre. He started school in 1968 when the primary school opened in the villages of Babylon (his real name), which grew up listening to the memories of the resistance period of his grandparents. Since his older brothers settled in other cities due to both their business and university education, Babylon went to school and did the daily work in the village, harvesting crops in the field and shepherding in the mountains… Like all the other Dersm youths.

After finishing Babil primary school in his village, he went to his older brother in Elazig in 1973 and started secondary school. The secondary school he attended, formerly known as revolution middle school, is a school where the fight against fascists is intense. Babil meets revolutionary thoughts for the first time here. He begins to sympathize with Dev-Genç. During this period, he started boxing courses due to his interest in sports. Babylon is now one of the prominent figures in the fight against fascists at Revolution Secondary School.

Teenage years;

After graduating from secondary school in 1976, Babylon went to live with his other brother, a high school teacher in Erzurum Khorasan, to study high school. Shortly after he left, after his brother’s house was gunned down by fascists, his brother’s appointment was made in Istanbul. He enrolled at Izet Ünver high school in Gungoren, Istanbul, where he first came to Babylon. During this period, he sometimes stayed at his brother’s house, which was a high school teacher, while the Site, where his other brother, who was mostly a university student, stayed, made his own place in the student dormitory. Here, he meets the thoughts of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in Istanbul, where he came as a Dev-Genç sympathizer, inspired by his brother, who is a student of Istanbul university, and his revolutionary friends around him. Babylon took his place in the partisan ranks in Taksim Square during the bloody events of May 1, 1977. When he returned to Hozat to study high school 2nd and 3rd grade, Babil is now a determined Partisan who defends Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s ideas.

When he combines his charismatic personality with his naturalness and his playful side, he excels as a beloved leader in youth. While studying high school in Babylon, he rushes from action to action while doing the village work. During this period, he lost his mother in the fall of 1977, and later married. After finishing high school in 1979, he settled in the village due to his increasing responsibilities. On the one hand, he engages in village affairs, while on the other hand he is active as a forward sympathizer.

The occupation of the land takes place in the famous actions of the period, such as the eventful May Day action in Dersim. He lives in the village, so he’s in contact with the guerrilla. Orhan Bakır (Armenak Bakırjian), one of his beloved comrades, named his son Orhan, who was born immediately after he was worth the revolution in Karakoçan. As a forward sympathizer, he performs all his duties.

Active Party years;

Babylon joined the guerrilla in the summer of 1985 and is rapidly developing politically while slawing in its military direction. This period of intensification of conference discussions is also a period of heavy losses in the countryside. In 1987, when the Dabk – Conference segregation occurred within the TKP (ML), Babylon took his position in favor of the Dabk wing and in September 1987 he took his place as deputy secretary of the DABK within the Dabk management team. In the process that follows, he assumes the regional command, creating a leap in guerrilla practice after 1980, which consists only of punishing whistleblowers and sustaining casualties. In the fall of 1987, Hozat took successful actions such as the prison raid, the Cemisgezek military branch raid, and the destruction of the polling stations. In late December 1987, he came to the Marmara region under the responsibility of Manuel Demir to break this silence in the cities where the post-9/12 silence reigned and to make the name of our Party’s priority TKP (ML).

On January 10, 1988, He stormed the 196th infantry regiment with only one pistol with them as a weapon, along with an 8-member guerrilla unit of Party members, Party Candidate members and Advanced sympathizers. In the procession they enter at night, they take in soldiers and officers and confiscate weapons. The group under Manuel’s command takes the weapons and sets off, while the other group under Babylon stays in the regiment to buy time. Although he was wounded in the foot during the raid, they gave them revolution and party propaganda for several hours without mistreating the soldiers and officers. This incident affects soldiers who did not know the revolutionaries until then, and when they are called to the courts as witnesses in the following process, they will not identify Babylon in the courtroom. Outside the hall, they will express their respect for Babylon’s relatives. The operation, which began at the end of January with the unraveling of some sympathizers captured after another action, resulted in the shooting death of TKP (ML) Leader Manuel Demir and the capture of Baba Erdogan. In the early days of his arrest, Baba Erdogan was not considered in custody and fake news appeared on the front pages of daily newspapers that he had escaped seriously injured after a shootout in a cell house. Thus, like Manuel’s comrade, the ground is set to kill Babylon. In the police, he’s told he’s going to be slaughtered like Manuel. During this period, both his family and our comrades launched an active campaign at home and abroad, carrying the loss of Baba Erdogan in custody to the press and the public with various actions and occupations. Thus, the Istanbul Police are forced to explain that they have baba. then the prison process begins.

Baba Erdogan defended the TKP (ML) against the counter-revolutionary forces by adopting an active line of resistance and defense, such as his leader, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, during the police and post-trial court process. During the prison process, he gained the respect and trust not only of his comrades, but also of other revolutionary structures.

Baba Erdogan, who is in prison, is in the perspective of desertion. The Prison Party prepares its organization in this direction. Desertion, strengthening the Party and opening the Black Sea to the guerrilla has become the dream of the Father and his comrades. With these thoughts, the Milkmen begin their research of weaknesses inside and outside the prison. After several unsuccessful tunnel attempts, he is embezzled by the administration to the guards.

Baba Erdogan is actively involved in party issues as well as desertion. Prison is a camp where fighters and sympathizers, especially members of the Party, are ideologically trained and theoretical and political studies are carried out carefully in this context. Everyone inside is shaped by the perspective of the Mountain and the armed struggle. In this process, Baba Erdogan focuses on research and investigations on the development of the Party Union, developments in Kurdistan and the development of the People’s War for the defense and party conference held on behalf of the Party in the Kanka case held with the CPK and DGM. It does the work that is the basis of the army charter. At the DABK 3rd conference in 1989, the party appointed Baba Erdogan as an honorary member. During this period, he submits concrete proposals for the unity of TKP (ML) forces in his articles delivered to the Central Committee. On the one hand, „one lesson is not enough, the target is a thousand lessons“, and first of all, he starts infrastructure works while he is still in prison to open the Black Sea region to guerrilla struggle.

In May 1990, with an act of desertion organized by the Revolutionary Left, together with four Revolutionary Left leaders, including Dursun Karatas and Ibrahim Erdogan, they escaped from Bayrampasa prison in a way that the state could not solve its secret. When the father arrives in Dersim, while the state forces are unaware of his escape for days, he commands the siege of the military unit under the command of a captain in the village of Ovacik Çalbasi on June 1, 1990. Fascist TC forces become so weak that they cannot leave the village houses, shielding the villagers from themselves during the day. Baba Erdogan is a guerrilla so loved by the villagers of dersim that he was greeted with sacrifice in the 42 villages he went to after the prison break.

At the extraordinary meeting of the TKP (ML) MK held in June 1990, he was appointed deputy secretary general and a member of the MK – SB. In August 1990, Babylon immediately crossed into the Black Sea region (where he continued his infrastructure work while he was still in prison) and started the guerrilla struggle.

It marks a first in the history of TKP (ML) by opening a Guerrilla field in the Black Sea. In this region, after the land recognition and mass work of the guerrilla unit in a short time, it commands actions such as road cutting, identity control and Party propaganda in Sivas and Tokat, raiding state construction sites and confiscating tools and equipment such as dynamite. Although there are new joins to the guerrilla unit, there is a problem of arming. To solve this armament problem, on September 16, 1990, Tokat – Almus – raided the outpost of gümelonu village. This raid, in which a petty officer is killed and a soldier wounded, is the last raid on the Comrade of the Father. The father is taken away from the police station injured. The first statements were that the Father comrade was shot by an officer hiding in the back after entering the police station alone and receiving the soldiers, and that he was worth the revolution from the blood loss on the night of September 16-17. However, in 1996, after the Congress Preparedness Confederation, a new statement by the MK said: Baba Erdogan was shot in the back by agent Laz Nihat after taking in soldiers inside the police station.

Babylon, who opened his eyes to the world in a mountain village of Hozat in 1960, was buried on September 21, 1990, at the height of a high hill facing the Munzurs opposite the village, accompanied by slogans, with the participation of a large crowd in his village.

Baba Erdogan comrade Party is undoubtedly the most aggressive and political audacity of its own era in our history.

Turkey – Developed the Kurdistan revolution secularly as both a city guerrilla and a village guerrilla. During this period, all comrades who shouldered these great developments and carried them forward established the practice of the People’s War at the highest level in the revolution. And Baba Erdogan has been a symbol of how everything that the liquidator revisionist-rightoportunist chorus within the Party shouts ‚unenforceable‘, ‚unenforceable‘ can be done if there is Maoist leadership. Whenever the party acted under the guidance of Maoist cadres, it developed politically, militarily and massively; however, whenever the liquidator-revisionist-right opportunist chorus took over, there was a disorganization in the form of spontaneity, reformism, economicism and the distancing/removal of the masses from the Party.

During the periods led by mlms, the party’s strategy of the People’s War, which was discussed in three stages, in the first stage in the organization of more strategic defense and guerrilla regions, made the Party a practical war organization, primarily by arming it ideologically. As they opened up to new areas, they followed the tactic of establishing revolutionary bases in rural areas, accumulating power with armed propaganda and mass actions in cities, and waiting for opportunities. There has never been a ‚tactic‘ of MLMs in the history of the party to evacuate guerrilla areas and to move armed forces abroad en masse. This is a feature that begins in the emulators of Avenkian, Prachanda, Kruscev, Teng, who are more eager to overcome the masters. Today, those who are thrown from one side to the other between legalism and armed reformism are doomed to be erased from the stage of history as self-reliant, nomencturists, rather than communists.

However, despite the temporary effects of the liquidators, a significant number of the Party cadres and advanced sympathizers are shaped according to the People’s War… Still, years later, the staff and sympathizers of that period were in the ranks of the revolution and the indecive state of the revolution.

It salutes Baba Erdogan and the staff type of revolution embodied in his identity, which sheds light on the struggle of socialism and People’s Struggle with the perspective of the proletarian world revolution. We commemorate with gratitude and respect our comrades who sacrificed their lives.

As MKP, we promise to take their revolutionary ideals further by considering today’s conditions and developments from the perspective of reconstruction. We are their comrades. This steel won’t forget the water it took.

Güncel Haber, Gündem, Tarihimizden, Yazarlar

Due to our revolutionary responsibility, we place the call for proletarian justice sent by the MKP via post on our website. Revolutionary Democracy

 “The attitude of a political party towards its own mistakes is one of the most important and reliable criteria for us to determine whether this party is serious or not and whether it really fulfills its duties towards its class and the working masses. To sincerely admit his error, to seek out its causes, to analyze the circumstances that led to it, to scrutinize the means of correcting it: these are the signs of a serious party.

Adherence to history, arming the weapon of criticism and self-criticism, and close ties with the masses accelerate and enrich revolutionary developments. Although all functions have a role in determining the nature of MLM movements, the main determinant is Proletarian ideology. This ability and quality, accessible through revolutionary theory, practice and education; not only for cadres to gain theoretical understanding; It is also extremely important in terms of determining that their lives should be based on a revolutionary and class-conscious basis.

Critical thinking, which is an important condition of having a proletarian ideology, is a prerequisite for conducting the class struggle on the right ideological ground. Our party has gained quite a rich content since 1972. While the various differences and disagreements (two lines) between the definitions and theories developed could bring vitality to Party life, unfortunately most of the time, the two-line struggle was not handled with the right method, leading to falling behind the point where it should be in the class struggle. Deviations from MLM, inadequacies in its creative implementation, efforts to respond to the needs of class struggle, and in many heavy attacks and defeat processes within this dialectic, as well as the heavy conditions of the class struggle, During the efforts to preserve its existence, besides the lessons and successes that shed light on the future, inadequacies and failures are the facts of our history. Another fact of ours is that our Party continues its struggle in the vast sea of ​​class struggle, being aware of its revolutionary responsibility to our peoples, especially to the international proletariat, by overcoming every obstacle and difficulty without giving up.

Today, it can be said that a collective level of attitude and strategic understanding has been achieved with the 3rd Congress of our Party MKP, which can be an indicator of the development of critical thinking. This development naturally strengthens the idea that thinking competencies can be developed through class struggle and struggle and education in the Party environment, on the one hand, and lays the groundwork for the advancement of methods and techniques for the development of MLM thought, on the other hand.

Revolutionary strategic leadership is a process that requires skills based on scientific intellectual accumulation. This process, in which results are obtained based on MLM analysis and evaluations; perception-comprehension-consciousness or thinking takes place in a series of three functions: research and decision making. The main purpose of the thinking function is to attribute scientificity to the events in our class struggle, to classify these events into categories and to apply them to life in a unique way.

Our actions such as judging, comprehending, analyzing, explaining, defining, comparing and reaching a synthesis take place within the scope of this function of inquiry. MLM science, on the other hand, functions as a criterion in evaluating the revolutionary moments created through reflection and class struggles, so that we see our mistakes, depressions, weaknesses, etc. as a result of this accounting and avoid repeating them. As for accounting, it also provides the revolutionary energy we need to take action in line with our possible goals of socialism. Based on this energy, the revolutionary cadre turns to the needs of revolutionary organization and revolutionary struggle.

There is a dependent and dynamic interaction of revolutionary organization and one’s thinking with these functions of struggle. However, functionally, the role of „revolutionary theory“ is more decisive than the others. Because KP and cadre as subjects can organize themselves in the light of this theory and direct the practice. Today, the MLM system of thought is the most advanced ideological-political culmination of correct intervention in the class struggle as a function; Spontaneous, liquidationist-revisionist eclectic systems of thought, which do not show the same characteristics, lead to disorganization and corruption, not to organize the masses and accumulate power. On the other hand, only MLM, especially those with Maoism, has the function of opening the channels of organization and development that correspond to the process, arranging the class struggle in line with the proletarian ideology and correcting the mistakes.

As a matter of fact, our Party’s intervention in the process and the energy it created with the decisions of the 3rd Congress of the MKP, and the call for the Party to rebuild in line with MLM principles and Maoist program and strategy, put our organization in the center of attention. The fact that it is found realistic by the oppressed and increasingly a source of interest is a result of the way we use MLM for the proletarian leadership mission that our revolutionary movement needs in our geography.

In other words; If our approach to our historical shortcomings and mistakes does not fulfill the function of the two-line struggle, the mass line, democratic centralism and the correct application of intra-party democracy, to re-create the Party as an illegal basis and an armed struggle organization to regulate and correct ourselves and the revolutionary mass movement as the Leading Party; Our view of our history and mistakes becomes opportunist and anti-revolutionary, which we call “liquidationist revisionism”.

Liquidationist revisionism is not just an unfounded accusation for our group interests. In fact, let’s refer to our 1st Congress Ideology Paper to see if this nomenclature is an empty slogan that we have just discovered.

“The negativities encountered in the historical development of our party after Kaypakkaya, and the distances from MLM lie at the root of the crises faced. The underestimation of the importance of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, of which we are the product, signifies a break from our foundations. All crises and drifts have existed on the basis of this break. The main issue is understanding and dissolving the main link. Instead, arguments over this or that erroneous result, some positive steps and truths to be taken are not enough to reach radical solutions. One hand is in the cultural revolution, the other is another stance that only leads to an eclectic-centrist path. The main reason for this drift is the great proletarian cultural revolution or the struggle over the results, instead of seeing the distance from Maoism and finding clarity by solving the issue that is the main link, not rooted – it is partial struggle. The real line struggle cannot be handled like that. Maoism or revisionism? That’s the main issue.“(Page: 61)

A realistic revolutionary perspective on our actions in the past revolutionary process and our mistakes arising therefrom, on the other hand, undoubtedly requires proceeding along a scientific line. This process consists of asking questions on a controversial topic; researching the information necessary for the response, developing comments and inferences for solutions; This research follows a collective, interrogative and revolutionary scientific path, based on investigation, leading to revolutionary conclusions, synthesis of findings and conclusions.

Such a course of action, which makes our action in line with MLM norms and policy, is possible with the skills to solve the problematic processes in our past, gained through learning from science and experience. In research and investigation, the methodological change directly changes the analysis criteria, and the change in the problems directly changes the solution method, and everything happens in a thinking/practice action in this way; It is vital that our results comply with Maoist norms of justice and law.

In this context, in our 49-year history of the Party, there have been many problems related to the processes related to the struggle. Some of these are the problems that arise due to ideological-political differentiations or sometimes as a result of organizational methodological mistakes, or the problems of ideology, organization and law that arise as a result of inadequate or hasty decisions in their handling.

Even though our party has found solutions in some periods, through congresses and conferences it has held, or with the practices of the leaderships it has assigned to solve these processes at the end of these processes, it has survived to the present day due to serious political mistakes and injustices, as in some cases, it has remained on a continuous basis. The party of the proletariat, which also bears the responsibility of being a party in this regard, will/will act with the understanding of proletarian justice as long as it listens to the voice of the masses, knows the problems and upon applications.

In any part of our organizational process, we have to address our ideological, political inadequacies and mistakes, and if any of our comrades have experienced an unfair period, we have to deal with these processes carefully and find a solution with our Maoist research and investigation method. In this regard, our MLM history has given us a competent ideological background and understanding of Proletarian justice. With this confidence, we invite our comrades and friends, especially our comrades and friends, who have encountered unjustified attitudes due to various problems, wrong ways and methods or practices that are incompatible with their organizational processes, relations and contributions to the Party, which is our collective labor product, to engage with our party and apply without hesitation.

Our party will examine and research the problems by considering the facts and in the time-space relationship. In terms of the results of this research, the process, behavior and activities of the applicant in our revolutionary organization will be investigated comprehensively. Sincerity in the applications, openness, conditions in the emergence of the problems, the position and share of the Party and the individual in the face of the problem will be taken into account, and this process will also be considered as an educational process on the basis of winning. Issues are addressed with this approach. Disregarding the dialectic, the law of change, positive-negative orientation, static, conservative, taking food from backward social culture, not science, lynching, goygoy, We rely on many teachings of Comrade Mao Zedong, especially on liberalism, and scientific teachings on contradictions, about gossip and approaches based on the selfish bourgeois class structure. On the basis of our understanding of proletarian justice, we are determined not to favor an out-of-class approach other than the interests of communism and the revolution.

In this regard, everyone should review their approach on the following thoughts in the Ideology Document of the 1st Congress in our Party history:

“In order to cover serious distances (qualitatively) between the party and the people, it is essential to be aware of these facts, not just the words. The practice of a person who is conscious is also sound. It also unites the middle elements in order to win those who are left behind by putting the conscious, forward-active elements in the party and the people as the engine of unity. He always shows a solution to those who make mistakes. It helps them fix. Punishment within the party and the people is to prevent similar mistakes in the future and to sensitize people to them. And its main content is education. The reverse is the line of revenge. Those who are locked in victory for the working people will be meticulous in the Maoist principle of unity-criticism-unity. Mao says:

“To treat your comrades as to the enemy is to adopt the behavior of the enemy.” The revolution can never accept being like the enemy. This is the revolution’s alienation from itself, its reversal. Those who stray into the line of violence in dealing with domestic problems suffer from such alienation, whatever they may say.” (p. 56-57) 

What is it like to look like an enemy? Leaving people under suspicion for years without making any accusations or revealing their concrete justifications, or accusing people without the need for justification and proof, are approaches that fall behind even the bourgeois law, such as „I blamed you, you reasoned yourself“. This method is unacceptable for the Maoist party and its justice. These are the practices that harm the revolution in the slightest. The cadre and even its supporters who object to and criticize your ideological line, who dare to express it, have been inactive for decades by treating them as „criminals“ with trivial excuses; clique, liquidationist, scheming attitudes and understandings. With such prohibitions, to cut off organizational relations and to use one’s home and financial opportunities,

Implementing actual penalties in the form of apoliticizing and isolating many activists who have contributed to and contributed to the collective labor in positions of cadres, commanders, militants, fighters and sympathizers who once supported the activities of the Party, by humiliating them as „DABK-minded“, is a kind of ban on politics.

With more reproducible examples and forms, it is to be the voluntary spokesperson or lynchman of the ruling clique liquidationist discourses against his comrades who are the victims of the liquidationist clique policies, to be the representative / representative of the bourgeois ways and methods that are foreign to the proletarian ideology and party culture. Scalping the problems experienced in this context, the problems of our large Party mass, which the liquidationism is put at the ready and hurriedly to the left and right, the fractures they suffered, the out-of-class influences, especially the intimidation, despair, degeneration, etc. We are based on the attitude of following the mass line and being a gainer without ignoring the diseases.

Of course, he somehow managed to be a man of every era; Chiefs who have embezzled key positions with great dexterity in every process, jealously guarding the ‚bourgeois right to life‘, wandering around like Culuk are not within our scope. The floor of the party of the proletariat must not be a habitat for chameleons of all kinds to cling to.

Especially after our 3rd Congress, our comrades, who carried out many previous activities and were liquidated for various reasons, want to give their shoulders to our construction process. We organize those who want to participate in the activity by putting all applicant comrades through a revolutionary research and investigation. A solid organization made of steel is possible only with scientific skepticism and revolutionary theory/practice integrity.

The Snowdrop Operation, carried out by some of our comrades who applied to us verbally or in writing, trusting our revolutionary justice and law, before/after our MKP 3rd Congress, is one of the processes in which the Counter-Revolutionary Cell members were crushed; The problematic processes of the comrades who were wronged for various reasons from some of the later processes were investigated, and self-criticism was made against those who were wronged in accordance with our proletarian morality and law, and their dignity and rights were restored.

Just as we proudly and proudly embrace our glorious class struggles in our history, we self-criticize our weaknesses and mistakes in our history with great communist modesty. Self-criticism does not make us smaller, on the contrary, it ensures that we do not make similar mistakes again.

Our Proletarian Party is made up of people. It is also aware of the continuity of the existence of bourgeois-feudal diseases on the working class and the classes and middle strata of the different sections of the population and the aim of transforming them with proletarian ideology and culture. There have been and will be mistakes due to these out-of-class influences, ideological deviations, and backward understandings. Our struggle forces are fighting against the collaborative/monopoly capitalist-imperialist system of the ruling opposition class, under the leadership of our Party in line with the MLM, with the perspective of the Proletarian World revolution. Our Party-led People’s Army and Front will overthrow the semi-colonial capitalist socio-economic structure and establish a socialist socio-economic social structure. MKP, in the struggle for the Proletarian World Revolution and Socialist Revolution, and in the future, including the conditions of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat,

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live our process of rebuilding the Party!

Long live the People’s War!


September 2021

Güncel Haber, Ölümsüzlerimiz, Tarihimizden
Halk Savaşında Örnek Bir Komutan Ali Haydar Yıldız

O Türkiye ve Kuzey Kürdistan cografyasında isyanlarla mayalanmış, acı ve yoksulluğun devrime hazırladığı bir bozkırda Komünist perspektifle çakan umut yüklü kıvılcımdı. Henüz doğumla yaşam arasında geçiş sancıları yaşayan en zifiri karanlıkta, fırtınalı yıllarda devrimin harlanmasında kor ateşi idi. Komünistlerin sürece müdahalesinde bir çok yokluklarla yüzyüze iken zafere kilitlenmenin kararlılığında, ilk saldırıların… nereden ve nasıl başlamalının ustası idi.

Ali Haydar Yıldız 1953 Dersim Mazgirt doğumludur. Yoksul bir ailenin çocuğudur. Ortaöğrenim sürecinde mücadele ile tanışır. Ve devrimin izleyeceği yolu sadece kabullenmekle kalmaz onun yaratıcı uygulamasında rol alır. Dersim coğrafyasının faşist devletle daha ilk günlerinden karşı karşıya kaldığı varlık yokluk gerçeği içinde şekillenir ve faşizmin baskısına yiğit savaşçı ruhuyla karşı durur. Halka bağlılığı, sağlam inancı ve arkadaşları için gözünü kırpmadan can verme kararlılığı ve özverisiyle daha ilk tanıştığı günlerden İbrahimin can yoldaşı olur.

Türkiye ve Kuzey Kürdistan halklarının öncü komünist müfrezesi TKP(ML) esas aldığı mücadele alanlarında temelleri atılırken askeri eylemlerinin başarılı komutanı Ali Haydar’dı .

İbrahim Kaypakkaya ve yoldaşlarının bir savaş cephesinin en önemli unsuru sağlam bir KP yaratılması bilinci ile yürüttüğü çalışmanın alanda ki buz kıranıdır askeri politik çabalarıyla. Henüz yolun çok başında ve en kıt olanaklarla yüksek moral ve coşkuyla girişilen Partileşme çalışmaları 24 Ocak 1973…te Vartinik te sekteye uğrayacak sarılan komun etrafı ve çıkan çatışma sonucu Ali Haydar Yıldız kısa ama bir dolu somut adım ve eylem sığdırdığı yaşamı düşman kurşunu ve eziyeti ile sonlanırken göz bebeklerinde geleceğin düşler ülkesi çoktan kurulmuştu.

Ali Haydar Yıldız’ın yaşamı ve eylemi, umudun gücü, cesaretin dönüştürme ve ileri atılımda bilincin ikizi olduğu gerçeğidir. Tohum bir kere düşmüştü toprağa ve o günlerin ekilen devrim perspektifi ilerleme ve gerilemelerle yenil ayağa kalk yeniden yenil yine ayağa kalk ve mücadele zafere ulaşana kadar bu diyalektiği izleyeceğini kavrayan öncünün tarih bilincinde yükselttiği kızıl granittir.

Ali Haydarlaşan devrimci yaşamların artar eksilmez sayısının güvencesinde onun yaşamından öğrenme ve onu mücadelede bayraklaştırma aslolandır. Savaş toplumsal devinim ve gelişmenin manivelasıdır. Bu gerçekten uzaklaşan düzenin payandası olmaya, sistemi güçlendirmeye ve reformizm prangasında halk kitlelerinin engin deryasından soyutlanıp marjinalleşmeye mahkümdur.

Kayıplarımız ve yenilgilerimiz, zafere giden yolu açacak acı ama zorunlu tecrübe ve ders duraklarıdır. Bu süreçlerin zorluklarını,düşmanın teknik ve taktik üstünlüğünü teslimiyetin gerekçesi yapanların bugünkü durakları sondan bir önceki fil mezarlıklarıdır.*

Önder Ibrahim Kaypakkaya nın kutup yıldızı olduğu devrimimizin, O‘ nun devrim ve mücadele perspektifleri, bunları belirlemede diyalektik materyalist yöntemi ve Marksizm Leninizm Maoizm bilimi ile zaferi mutlaktır. Ali Haydar Yıldız ve tüm ölümsüzlerimiz anısına bağlılıkla kendimizi yenileyerek ve aşarak kazanacağız. Halk Savaşı ile kazanacağız…Mutlaka biz kazanacağız.

* Fiziksel ölümünün yaklaştığını hisseden yaşlı Filler,sürüden ayrılır ve doğada ölümü bekleyeceği bir yer bulur orada hiçbirşey yapmadan ölümü beklermiş. Fil mezarlığına çekilmek denir buna. Devrimci politik yaşamda enerjisi tükenen yapıların parlamenter yolu ve yasallığı keşfettiği ve burada pinekleyerek devrimci politik etkisini yitirdiğini örnekleriyle tespit edebiliyoruz. Bu nedenle Yasalcılık ve Parlamentarizm devrimci parti ve hareketlerin Fil Mezarlığıdır dersek sadece somut bir gerçeği ifade etmiş oluruz.

Güncel Haber, Tarihimizden
“Sınıf Teorisi’nin Dünya-Türkiye-KuzeyKürdistan’da Siyasi Durum” Analizine Eleştirel Bakış.

Ortadoğudaki halk ayaklanmalarının içinde olan (hali hazırda kürtlerin 4 ülkede savaş verdikleri unutulmamalıdır) Kürdistanın devrimci durumu görülmeden hiçbir politik taktik, siyasi tespit, Türkiye ve Kürdistan devrimci -devrim perspektifi haline gelemez.

Gündem, Tarihimizden
Sağ Oportünizme Karşı Durmak,Parti Birliği ve İlerlemesinin Güvencesi, Kaypakkayacı Çizgisinin Vazgeçilmez Görevidir!

Bugünde Kaypakkayacı partinin karşılaştığı en önemli ideolojik dönüşüm kavşağında karşımıza çıkan sorunun gerçek boyutlarıyla tartışılmasından korkan oportünist bir anlayış vardır

Gündem, Tarihimizden
Parti İlkelerini Savun, Kaypakkaya Güzergahında İlerle, MLM ideolojisiyle Sağ Oportünizme Karşı Dur!

Dünyanın herhangi bir ülkesinde her parti ve örgütün politik, ideolojik, siyasi çizgisi sadece dar kendi ulusal sınırları içinde bir olguymuş gibi ele alınamaz. Bu örgüt ve partiler uluslararası ideolojik siyasi akımların birer parçasıdır

Parti, öznelci, darbeci çizgiyi bertaraf edecektir. Açılan yol ayrılık değil partiyi yeniden örgütlemenin yoludur.

Güncel Haber, Tarihimizden
Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü Neyin Ürünüdür ?

Her örgütlenme bir ideolojinin ürünü olduğu gibi sınıfsal, siyasi amaca hizmet eder. Marxizm,Leninizm, Maoizm bilimsel dünya görüşüyle donanan komünist hareketin bütün örgütlenmeleri devrimci işçi sınıfı, emeçli köylülük, geniş halk kitlelerinin devrim amacı uğruna mücadele yürütür. Kaypakkaya güzergahında komünizm ideolojisinin savunucusu ve halkın örgütlenme aracı olan yayın organları bedeller ödeyerek sansür, yasaklama, engelleme, işkence ve katliamları göğüsleyerek yürüyüşünü sürdürdü.

Hiç bir saldırı bundan sonra da devrimci ilerlemeyi durduramayacaktır. Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü dergisi devrimci proletaryanın ideolojisinin ve politik mücadelesinin engellenemez sözünün somutlaştığı yayın organlarımız geleneğinin bir devamcısı olarak ortaya çıkmıştır. Sadece faşist türk devletinin azgın saldırılarını göğüslemekle kalınmamış aynı zamanda her türden burjuva sınıfsal işbirlikçi oportünist akıma karşı Marksizm ideolojisinin yılmaz savunucusu olmuştur. Kaypakkaya yoldaşın sosyal-şovenizm, oportünizme karşı sürdürdüğü keskin, kararlı mücadele mirasını devir almıştır.Tarihte olduğu gibi bugünde MLM ideoloji yoğun saldırı altındadır.Oportünizmin tasfiyeciliği devrimci dinamikleri yutma saldırısının pervasızlaştığı dönemin içindeyiz. Bu sadece dışımızdaki reformist parti ve akımların var olan durumundan değil aynı zaman da Maoist partide türeyen sağ oportünizmin yaratığı büyük tahribatlar, savrulma bakımından da böyledir.
Maoist komünistler iki çizgi mücadelesini demokratik merkeziyetçilik bakış açısına bağlı olarak sürdürür. Klikçi, gurupçu, hesapçı, monolotik tarzı reddeder. Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü proleter devrimci demokrasinin sözü olacaktır. Birinci sayımızda yer alan açıklama ve değerlendirmelerden anlaşılacağı gibi Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü zorunlu ihtiyaç olarak doğmuştur. Demokratik merkeziyetçilik ilkesini terk eden “3.Kongre” çizgisinin sözcüsü olan Halkın Günlüğü gazetesi devrimci muhalefetin fikirlerine yer vermediği gibi Maoist iki çizgi mücadelesi anlayışını terk ettiklerini en çarpıcı ifadesi olarak kendilerine karşı çıkan,
farklı fikirlere sahip olanlara başka örgütlere gitmeleri için yol göstermişlerdir. Karşı çıkanları her türden geri ve kötü sıfatla tanımlamış, damgalımşlardır.
İç demokratik kanalların tamamen kapandığı, halka yalan söyleyerek gerçeklerin çarpıtıldığı, tasfiyenin derinleştirildiği ve Kaypakkayacı devrimci damarın kurutulmaya çalışıldığı kuşatmada Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü komünist çizgiyi savunma görevini üstlenmiştir. Darbeci, klikçi, hesapçı, anti- demokratik
anlayışa karşı açık ideolojik mücadelenin mevzisi yaratılmıştır. Eski Halkın Günlüğü, MLM ideolojiyi tahrif eden içi boş klikçi, hesapçı, yurt dışı kliğinin sağ
oportünist fikirlerinin organına dönüşmüştür. Yeni ve Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü MLM ideolojisini savunacak devrim amacına ve çizgisine bağlı kalarak yozlaşmış, çürümüş sınıf işbirlikçi anlayışa karşı durma görevini yerine getirme gayreti ve kararlılığı içinde olacaktır.
Zorlu bir görevi üstlendiğimizin bilincindeyiz. Devrimci Halkın Günlüğü komünistlerin birlik anlayışına uygun hareket edecektir. İlkesel bakış açısını asla terk etmeyecektir. Klikçi, gurupçu, ilkesiz anlayış ve tarzla parçalayan, dağıtanlara karşı, KAYPAKKAYACI çizgide birleşmenin sesi olacaktır.
Emek, ısrar, özveri ve kararlılıkla yaratılan Devrimci Halkın Günlüğünün sahiplenilmesi, desteklenmesi büyük önem taşımaktadır. Hatalarımız eksikliklerimiz olacaktır ama hepsini aşacağımıza olan inancımız tamdır. Devrimci Halkın Günlüğüne sahip çık, destekle, çizgisiyle bütünleş, oku, dağıt, örgütlenerek mücadeleyi geliştir.

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