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COLOMBIA:” Freedom for Comrade Gonzalo, leader of the world proletariat! ”Revolucion Obrera

We will continue to give the rising voices of MLMs in their original form for the defense and freedom of President Gonzalo’s life, with our understanding of supporting the steps taken in this direction. Revolutionary Democracy


Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, 86, our dear comrade Gonzalo is in fragile health. The latest media reports reported that he was taken to a hospital near the maximum security prison of the Callao Naval Base, where he was deprived of his freedom for 29 years, in complete isolation and sentenced to life imprisonment by a Peruvian. reactive state. According to a media outlet in that country: “Source pointed out that widespread skin cancer is detrimental to health”; According to the same source, Gonzalo’s lawyer, Sebastián Chávez, said: „Guzmán has psoriasis and it gets worse at this time of year due to age and cold.“

He holds a privileged place for Comrade Gonzalo in the history of the last decades, especially the 20th century, and he is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding leaders of the international proletariat and the struggle to liberate the humanity of the people of the world. the horror represented by imperialist capitalism. Since 1980, the Peruvian Communist Party, known to many as the „Shining Path“, led the development of a great People’s War that would shake the shabby and rotten Peruvian State for more than 10 years, winning the love and bonds of this war. The bright path that paved the way for the defeat of the reactionaries and the power for tens of thousands of workers, peasants and intellectual fighters, workers and peasants, who met in the People’s War and under the leadership of the Peruvian Communist Party.

Great sacrifices were made over the years, but the people were delighted to find their organization representing and leading them, both in the Party and in the People’s Guerrilla Army. And throughout this process, Comrade Gonzalo was undoubtedly a fundamental axis for this entire period of the struggle. As well-known chairman of the Central Committee, he was responsible for crystallizing brilliant teachings for many years and drawing up the Strategy and tactics of the People’s War in Peru with the remaining cadres and leaders of the Party.

In September 1992, together with Comrade Gonzalo, the Central Committee of the Party was arrested, which, after a hard blow, marked a turning point in the development of the People’s War in Peru; As Gonzalo said from the regime’s dungeons, „a bend in the road“ emerged.

For 29 years the Peruvian State has been cruel to Comrade Gonzalo, because he is undoubtedly one of the main leaders of the forces fighting for the overthrow of the bourgeois state in the world and the establishment of socialism and communism all over the world. black; The proletariat is represented in the person of Gonzalo, it is the vanguard class of forces that will destroy the entire bourgeois order with revolutionary violence, and it is therefore not strange that the order has shed all the weight of the reactionary force on it.

But since Comrade Gonzalo became a symbol of struggle for world revolutionaries, everything has been turned upside down and with it his prison has turned into a bulwark of struggle against capitalism.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Comrade Gonzalo slandered his personality to portray him as an abominable being, a murderer, a ruthless terrorist accused of all kinds of crimes; But of course, being attacked by the enemy is not bad, on the contrary, it shows that you are doing things well; and the more garbage the reactionaries and their cagatintas throw away, the more the role played by this great man, the son of the bowels of the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world, will be recognized.

Today Comrade Gonzalo’s deteriorating health worries all revolutionaries around the world, his advanced age and the brutal treatment of him by the government seriously endanger his life, so we must demand the immediate release of Gonzalo and his wife, Elena Iparraguirre. comrade leader of the party sentenced to life imprisonment; and to allow him to be given emergency treatment that guarantees a better quality of life, although it is clear that the government will not do this forever, because like anything the masses take, it must be uprooted by the force of struggle and mobilization.

We call on all the people of the world, the progressive forces and communist revolutionaries to fight for the freedom of the Peruvian revolution Comrade Gonzalo, the great leader of the Party and an outstanding leader of the world proletarian revolution.
Workers Revolution
July 30, 2021

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