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Freedom for President Gonzalo!

The following statements were included in the statement written by European Revolutionary Democracy and Pioneering Partizan about the campaign.

President Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman Reynoso), former head of the Communist Party of Peru (PKP), one of the leaders of the international communist movement, who was arrested by the fascist Peruvian state 29 years ago (September 12, 1992) and has since been held in a solitary cell in the Callao Naval Base Maximum Security Prison. An international campaign was launched for the health and freedom of the . President Gonzalo, who was kept in the most severe isolation conditions for 29 years and did not compromise the revolutionary resistance line despite all the attacks of repression and surrender, was admitted to a high-security military hospital on July 20, 2021, with the diagnosis of advanced skin cancer. The campaign launched by revolutionary and progressive forces in Peru for the health and freedom of 87-year-old President Gonzalo has begun to resonate around the world. 

The Peruvian revolution, led by President Gonzalo, the leader of the Peruvian Communist Party (PKP), reached its peak especially between 1980-90, the People’s War strategy was adapted to Peruvian specificity in the most effective and creative way, and this march, which progressed to victory step by step, was a great blow to both the Peruvian ruling classes and the US imperialism. struck a fear. As a result of an operation carried out in partnership with the CIA and the fascist Fujimori government, on September 12, 1992, President Gonzala and some other senior cadres of the PKP were captured. Since then, the Peruvian state, which has exhibited all kinds of dirty tricks to nullify and humiliate the Peruvian revolution and socialism claim in the person of President Gonzalo, could not get what it wanted, on the contrary, it was crushed under the revolutionary judgments of President Gonzalo. 

The message of the Peruvian state and its master, US imperialism, in the person of President Gonzalo, is to all communist-revolutionary forces. We receive this message and declare once again that we will do the necessary. President Gonzalo is one of the most important leaders of the international communist movement. Today, the efforts and campaigns to be carried out for the health and freedom of President Gonzalo are among our most important duties. Let’s spread the campaign by using all kinds of creative ways and methods, such as multilingual studies, posters, declarations, birding, writing, banners, mass meetings, press statements, etc. to be carried out on social media.

Let’s raise the slogan of Freedom for President Gonzalo in every area we are in, especially in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. Let’s mobilize to reach this campaign to millions and to establish an international network of solidarity and struggle.

Freedom for President Gonzalo

Freedom for all political prisoners

Revolutionary Democracy-Vanguard Partisan

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