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MKP „India’s People’s War Is Moving to Victory Under HKP(M)“

NewsRoom: Against the large-scale attacks launched by the Indian fascist regime in order to suppress the People’s War of India and to prevent the liberation of the peoples; Calls for international support and solidarity continue to come to the People’s War, which is led by the Communist Party of India.

We share with our readers the call of the Maoist Communist Party for solidarity with the People’s War of India.

„The government of Indian Prime Minister Nahendra Modi, the favorite of the imperialist system and representative of the Indian ruling classes, is trying to break the great resistance led by the HKP (M) in order to make the people and laborers of India pay the bill for the crisis of the imperialist system, and to stop the People’s War, which had hoped for millions of Indian workers with a new counter-repression-eradication attack by the Fascist Indian regime, Prahar-3. It is clear that this counter-revolutionary campaign will bring mass and individual massacres, tortures, conversion of living spaces into military prison campsites for millions of Indian workers, intellectuals, poor peasants, women, young people and children, and widespread extrajudicial killings against militias, guerrillas and Party cadres. Therefore, armed mass resistance of the HKP (M) and PLGA and Front organizations is legitimate. And it mandates international support.

The HKP(M)’s call for november 24th for international support and actions to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the massacre of kisenji comrades; We salute the call demanding the solidarity and sensitivity of all revolutionary movements, especially the international movement consisting of MLM.

India, with a population of more than a billion, is a vast geography pregnant with new social life and a new democratic revolution, experiencing the pains of the patriarchal and caste system as much as the ultal repression and modern class conflicts of the nations of Adivasi, Dalits, various religious minorities, Kashmir, Assam, Manipur nations. It is a site of freedom and new social life, where the People’s War and the Red Cross ripple through a region that encompasses many states that have covered India since the 1967 Naxalbari uprising led by the Maoist Communists and Tsar Mazumdar.

For this reason, the imperialist system and the Indian ruling classes are deeply disturbed by the consolidation of the areas of new democratic power with the armed people’s army PLGA and armed/unarmed mass organizations (paramilitary and revolutionary people’s committees) led by the HKP (M) in the areas of guerrilla operations and liberated areas, whose rapid sphere of influence, which the Indian mainstream (MassMedya) press calls the Red Corridor, expands every year. The Green Hunt and Salva Judum attacks, which focused on Dandakaranya, which he had tried before, were repelled by the people’s revolutionary resistance, the successful actions and mass actions of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), led by the HKP (M), with international campaign support. In a new offensive concept co-ordinated by Indian rulers with the interior minister of india’s Modi Government with 10 state prime ministers, the HKP (M) has been fighting hard with many successful military and mass actions since the Start of the Prahar-3 attack, which sent 10 valuable cadres and fighters, including MK members, to immortality.

Due to the circumstances in which our party was in the process of campaigning for prisons in solidarity with prisoners with its limited staff and organizational strength, it failed to show immediate preparation and reflexes for the day of action in support of the People’s War of India on November 24. However, with the concept of repression and destruction of india’s fascist Modi Government, we see the importance of spreading and perpetuation over time the work to defend the areas of power and to claim the People’s War and the sister party HKP (M) and PLGA under the Prahar-3 attack. Our party calls on all those who support, sympathize and have friendly relations with the general revolutionary democratic sensitivity to support the People’s War in India and to support the Indian people’s movement and its leader, the HKP (M), against the bloody Prahar-3 campaign launched by the Indian fascist ruling classes and the fascist Modi government.

With the understanding of our party MKP; It is an internationalist mission for international MLMs and revolutionary movements to claim and support the Indian revolution and the People’s War of India, one of the largest People’s War fronts of the strategic attack of the Proletarian World Revolution today.

However, our Party MKP draws attention to the fact that the unity of UKH, the acquisition of a Programme and Strategy to connect all components of UKH from the perspective of the Proletarian World Revolution, and the fact that the People’s Wars will be the most strategic support for India, the Philippines and other people’s wars, which continue to take steps to be taken from a purely theoretical acceptance.

Damn the Fascist State of India!

Welcome the bloody Prahar-3 attack by fascist Indian rulers with revolutionary international solidarity!

Long live the People’s War of India!

Long live HKP(M) Long live PLGA’s glorious Struggle!

Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!

Long live proletariat internationalism!

Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Maoist Communist Party / MK-SB

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