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MKP MK-SB: Gonzalo’s Trust, The Red Flag of the Proletariat Will Keep Floating in Peru and Around the World!

“The political maneuvers of imperialist-capitalism, such as exploitation, occupation, unjust wars, and natural massacres, which are the natural results of the anarchy of production, have lost their momentum from time to time by hitting the steel wall of the world proletariat.

The determination to struggle, which paved the way for the definitive victory of the proletariat, was tried to be frustrated and crushed by various political-political attacks of imperialism. Armed with the science of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism in many centers of the world, the communist parties proved to the working class, the laboring peasantry and all oppressed segments that a world without borders, wars and exploitation is possible with their blood-and-life struggles.

Underlining that our age is the age of proletarian revolutions, the communist leader of the proletariat, Lenin, said, „It is the chief duty of the revolutionary party to reveal the mutual relations of classes,“ and he stated that the task of fulfilling the tasks of the age rests on the shoulders of the communist parties. The People’s War and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which won the victory under the leadership of Chairman Mao in China, have an extremely important role in the revival of the world communist movements in their own country, and in the empowerment and revealing of the communist leaders.

Our communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the founder and theorist of the Maoist party in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan; When he said, “Our movement is the product of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution,” he stated that the beginning and the tasks of the age are on the shoulders of our party. And when he was murdered, he underlined that, with the guidance of MLM science, the liberation of the proletariat and the oppressed and exploited sections of the people in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan would be absolute with the victory of the People’s War, and that such a burden was on his party’s shoulders.

The sun of Marxism, Leninism, Maoism melted the icebergs of imperialism in the hands of the proletariat in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, India, Nepal, the Philippines and Peru. In many parts of the world, the Maoist Communist parties that prepared the People’s Wars for victory under the leadership of the proletariat against the sworn servant of imperialism, the fascist state apparatuses of the semi-feudal, semi-colonial countries, preserved their vital existence by paying a heavy price.
The revolt of the proletariat and the poor people’s strata against exploitation, oppression and imperialist banditry in Peru also revealed the pain of the birth of the Marxist, Leninist, Maoist communist party. In the midst of all these cries, the Peruvian Communist Party took its place on the stage of history by donning the ideology of Marxism.

PKP MLM is a party, and its founder and theorist, Chairman Gonzalo, insisted on ‚’MLM not necessarily Maoism‘ and proceeded by applying the People’s War to unique conditions, which deeply shook the slave Peruvian state, especially the US imperialism. The Peruvian Communist Party, which took root in the people in a short time, started to shake Washington from the capital Lima with the footsteps of the revolution under the leadership of the proletariat.
As President Gonzalo’s strategic moves and
efforts to develop the Maoist People’s War, which he sustained , began to bear fruit, the enemy’s offensive and circumcision moves
gained momentum .

President Gonzalo, while leading the PKP, was also
showing the peoples of Latin America and the World the way to true liberation. He revealed that we are in the 3rd and higher stage of Proletarian Science, with
UKH’s synthesis of Mao’s classically historical and contemporary reality brought to consciousness, along with the skillful application of MLM science in Peruvian conditions
. UKH also struggled
and got it accepted. It is this
reality that sets President Gonzalo apart from any communist leader in the ICRC . President Gonzalo’s work must be studied and understood. He led the theoretical-political
communist party with the Peruvian proletariat from 1980 until September 12, 1992, when he was imprisoned.
made its people subjects of the People’s War. But that’s not all. With
his understanding of the universal dimensions of the people’s war
, he clarified that the Proletariat has a strong military strategy towards the proletarian world revolution . President Gonzalo’s mission in history
will be addressed and put in place by MLMs with these contributions.

His quick wit and Maoist strategic moves
created the „normal“ conditions for him to be the main enemy of the Peruvian fascist state and imperialist bandits . The enemy’s attacks and the shrinking circle
paid off for them, and on September 12, 1992, President Gonzalo and many of his comrades were taken prisoner. His enemies hoped to
expose and
humiliate President Gonzalo in a cage before the world press on September 28 , and to imprison the world proletariat and its peoples in the walls of fear with these images

He, on the other hand, was blasting his iron-barred “cage” fist in the
face of the imperialist bandits on behalf of the world proletariat and the oppressed and extinguished peoples and nations , shouting with the strength he got from his ideology;
Long live Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, long live the Victory of the People’s War! The
foggy weather that the enemy wanted to create with discrediting, demagogy and manipulations
was destroyed by the PKP and the People’s War led by it.

Abimael Guzman
Reynoso, who was held at the Callao Naval Base, first to death and then to aggravated life imprisonment ,
was an advocate of MLM science until his last breath as President Gonzalo, leader of the PKP and one of the leaders of the UKH . The hospitalization of Comrade Gonzalo on 20 July and the
fact that concrete information about his health was not shared by the fascist Peruvian state
brought along serious concerns about his life . Maoist comrades from many countries of the world
organized campaigns to defend President Gonzalo’s health and life and took actions in many countries

Under 29 years of severe isolation, the communist leader
continued to strike fear into imperialism and its native lackey, the fascist Peruvian state. On September 11, Gonzalo was declared dead.
Comrade Gonzalo, who was murdered by the Peruvian state , made his mark in history as
a communist
fighter, an indomitable leader, dedicated to the world proletariat, especially the Peruvian proletariat, and the oppressed peoples , with the line of the People’s War, despite all kinds of attacks .

It will continue to be a weapon in the hands of the world proletariat, an unquenchable torch in its consciousness. We call on
the Maoist forces and people, especially from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, to
embrace the communist memory of the international communist-revolutionary forces President Gonzalo and
to strongly support the commemoration events to be held . We must take up our duty to fulfill our
revolutionary responsibilities
, knowing our class grudge and acting with the consciousness of holding accountable for the murder of Comrade Gonzalo from the imperialist powers and the fascist Peruvian state .

Communist Leader Gonzalo is Immortal!
Long live the Victory of the People’s War!
Long live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long live Marxism, Leninism, Maoism!”

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