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MKP:Let’s to defend the life of President Gonzalo

We share with our readers a statement signed by MKP MK-SB regarding the health of President Gonzalo, which reached our website by mail, as part of our revolutionary responsibility. Revolutionary Democracy


From the Leaders of the Proletarian World Revolution To Those Who Defend the Life of Comrade Gonzalo!
President Gonzalon, the leader of the PKP and one of the leaders of the UKH, who was sentenced to death and then aggravated life imprisonment, was taken to the hospital yesterday due to his deteriorating health condition.
The helpless fascist Peruvian State, President Gonzalo, who pursued a ’natural‘ execution by keeping the Peruvian State violating all civil rights against him by applying heavy isolation against him and keeping him away from the necessary treatment conditions for serious health problems and in an environment that would advance the disease… The death of Abimael Guzman Reynoso is responsible for this with all its institutions.
The forces of the International Proletariat and the working people must take action to protest this massacre with all its means, especially in the fields, that will provide public pressure for this determined communist fighter.
Maoist Communists for this esteemed communist leader; ‚“To defend the life of Gonzalon,

they should lead the formation of an emergency committee.
We will not remain silent and allow a political murder at the Callao Naval base.
The resistance line of President Gonzalo, who refused to go to the hospital to protest the Peruvian State, which did nothing despite the progressive serious health problem and the usurpation of his rights as a political prisoner and as a human being, is a message to the international communist movement and the PKP.
We, the Communist Party and Groups that strive for the Maoist United Powers Conference on this issue, and all communist forces that take the Maoism line as a basis for their political existence, although this circle is not yet involved, demand the life and freedom of Chairman Gonzalon in a single voice, in case the great communist of this millennium dies. We call on the Imperialist system, especially the fascist Peruvian State, to hold accountable.
For the life of President Gonzalo, we call on all continents to immediately bring to life protests and actions of all sizes, from simple to complex, in a bureaucracy-free manner.

We must go to the masses for the release of President Gonzalo, to develop a campaign with the slogan of no less, and for this campaign to reach the broadest audiences. To shout in their living spaces that the Fascist Peruvian State is preparing for a political murder, and to President Gonzalo right to life!
Freedom for President Gonzalo! Right now! We are calling for campaigns with slogans and slogans such as:
Proletarians of all countries and oppressed Peoples unite!
Urgent campaign to defend the life of President Gonzalo!
Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism

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