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MKP’s Campaign Call for President Gonzalo

We share with our readers a statement signed by MKP MK-SB regarding the health of President Gonzalo, who reached our site by mail, in accordance with our revolutionary responsibility. Revolutionary Democracy


To defend the life of Comrade Gonzalo, one of the leaders of the Proletarian World Revolution!
President Gonzalo, the leader of the PKP and one of the leaders of UKH, who was sentenced to death and then life imprisonment, was confirmed to be hospitalized yesterday due to his now aggravated health.

The incapacitated fascist State of Peru, President Gonzalo, who pursued ’natural‘ executions by imposing severe isolation against him, violating all civil rights and being kept in an environment that would advance the disease, away from the necessary treatment conditions for serious health problems. Abimael Guzman is responsible for all of his institutions in the event of Reynoso’s death.
The forces of the International Proletariat and the working peoples should act to protest this massacre with all means that will provide public pressure for this determined communism fighter, especially in the fields.
The Maoist Communists for this worthy communist leader; He should lead the creation of an emergency committee to defend the life of the gonzalo.

We will not and will not allow a political murder at callao naval base.
The fact that his rights as a political prisoner and as human beings have been usurped is a message to the international communist movement and the PKP, the line of resistance of President Gonzalo, who refused to go to the hospital to protest against the Peruvian State, which did nothing despite his severe health problems.
We call on the Communist Party and Groups, which are working for the Maoist Conference of United Powers, and all communist forces that refer to the Maoism line as the basis for its political existence, to demand the life and freedom of President Gonzalo in one voice, and to be decisively held accountable to the Imperialist system, especially the fascist State of Peru, if the great communist of this millennium dies.
For the life of President Gonzalo, we call on all continents to immediately implement protests and actions of all scales in a simple to complex style without bureaucracy.

The release of President Gonzalo, the development of the campaign with no less, and this
We need to go to the masses to get the campaign to the widest audience. Fascist Peru in living quarters
The right to live for President Gonzalo and to shout that his state is preparing for a political murder! President
Gonzaloya Freedom! Right now! we call for campaigns with sloffs and synaesthing.
The Proletarians of all countries and the oppressed Peoples unite!
Urgent campaign to defend President Gonzalo’s life!
Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism

July 2021

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